2014 Stanford Delegation

2014 Stanford Delegation
Stanford Delegation in the UCA Chapel

Saturday, March 19, 2011

Compelled by Love

   This afternoon some of us watched the documentary, "Return to El Salvador," which describes the circumstances of a few Salvadoran refugees. These refugees returned to help their country. It described the circumstances of the violence of the civil war and the egregious human rights abuses of the Salvadoran military, including the torture and mutilation of children. It was sobering, even for someone who isn't fluent in Spanish to hear their stories. And yet, through their pain, fear, and outrage, they found the courage to resist this brutality for the sake of their children and a better future for El Salvador.
   Hearing their stories caused me to think that perhaps all of social justice is, at it's root, an act of love. The reason these people did not turn away and ignore the injustices all around them, turn away from the violence, and go far away and forget about the suffering of their countrymen and women is that they were compelled by love to resist. I don't want to be naive in suggesting that we are all little Mother Teresas, but it was clear to me in hearing their stories that they were compelled by love for those who were suffering. May we all be so compelled to love on behalf of those who are suffering violence and injustice.

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  1. Wow, wonderful insight…and it's just the first day!