2014 Stanford Delegation

2014 Stanford Delegation
Stanford Delegation in the UCA Chapel

Saturday, March 23, 2013

Today was a difficult day for us because we arrived in San Salvador with only a couple of hours sleep for most of us. I'm jealous of Cameron who can sleep anywhere and slept most of the flight. But for the rest us us, we've been dragging ourselves around the rest of the day.

The most memorable portion of the day for me was visiting the chapel at the Jesuit University of Central America (UCA) where the 6 Jesuits, their housekeeper and daughter were assassinated by government forces and supported by the United States. Prof. Tom Sheehan explained to us the details of how the Atlacatl Battalion (trained at the School of the Americas) came onto campus on 16 November 1989. They walked right past where we were standing in front of the chapel and through the back gate. They dragged the priests out of their beds and into the garden where they assassinated them. They also tried to make it look like the murders were done by the FMLN guerrillas. But everyone knew that was a sham.

We spent some quiet time in reflection and looking at artwork in the chapel which is also where the priests are buried. It was appreciated because the UCA campus is closed because of the Holy Week holidays and the guards allowed us to visit for this short time.

In addition, we attended a wonderful concert on the campus of the UCA in commemoration of the victims of war and violence. The music was great and the call for change and community was celebrated by everyone in attendance there.

Paz & justicia,

Geoff Browning

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